We've got the dreamers disease.

Dynamism, interactivity, adrenaline, emotion, innovation! This is how we describe U Rock, a promoter of events and shows that it brings together, on the same creative activity, the most extreme sports activities (such as a Trial World Championship) with sessions intimate music (such as a singer's showcase famous). We also present ourselves as an agency of means, partner and consultant in the production of the most various forms of business, from television to cinema, promising to use all the potential of the means available to meet the expectations of those who trust us.".

We create ideas.

With the main objective of gathering audiences, U Rock came up with a mission: to promote dynamic, engaging and engaging shows and events unforgettable. With the promotion of talent in its sense more general as a fundamental purpose, U Rock places in evidence the best of entertainment - music, dance and other artistic performances coexist with events of entrepreneurship, sports activities and activities “outside from the box